Desktop Tool

QTTabBar on the desktop


What is Desktop Tool?

Desktop Tool is a toolbar that resides in taskbar.
Its purpose is to provide the same functionalities as Folder View to Desktop View.
In addition, makes it easy to access QTTabBar menus such as Group, Recent Tab, Recent Files, and Application Launcher from taskbar and desktop.

Without Desktop Tool, no Subfolder Menu, nor Media Preview, nor custom coloring, on your desktop.

How to activate Desktop Tool

Right-click on the taskbar and select "Toolbars" -> "QT Tab Desktop Tool".

Desktop Tool logo is displayed by mouse hover.

After activated, you can make the toolbar smaller so that it doesn't take so much space, since it is there only for providing clickable area on the crowded taskbar.
The main functionality is realized by setting hooks on the desktop and taskbar threads. By default, double-click on the desktop and taskbar show the Desktop Tool Menu.

Desktop Tool Menu

Desktop Tool Menu, all expanded.

Double-clicks on the desktop or taskbar, then Desktop Tool Menu pops up.
The menu can contain Group, Recent Tab, Recent Files, Application Launcher, and Desktop files.

Each part of the menu can be expanded or shrunken by click on the blue title with arrow.

You can rearrange the parts by dragging titles when they are shrunken.

Suggested Usage

QTPopup.exe is a command line tool to show Desktop Menu.
It's useful if its shortcut are placed on the taskbar. Ready-made shortcut files are in the Tools folder (\Program Files\QTTabBar\Tools) so you only have to pin them to the taskbar.

Especially, one with /desktopcontents option displays contents of your desktop; it would be helpful to access files on the desktop when the entire desktop is covered by a maximized window.


Options are in Desktop Tool context menu.

Enable menu on taskbar Show Desktop Menu when actions specified by "How to display menu" option are executed on the taskbar.
Enable menu on desktop Show Desktop Menu when actions specified by "How to display menu" option are executed on the desktop.
Menu members Specifies which parts of Menu are to be included.
How to display menu Specifies the action to show Menu.
  • By single click on the toolbar
  • By left double click on desktop (default)
  • By left single click on desktop
  • By one middle click on desktop
Lock items Locks menu items not to move by drag.
Draw title background Title background is drawn blue.
FYI, this titles and arrow icons are skinnable. See Option Window
Enable application shortcut keys Enables keyboard shortcuts when Desktop View has focus.
Menu opacity Specifies among 10% - 100%

Other options are found in Option Window.