Command Bar

Toolbars that can have Command Buttons.
3 Command Bars are available (for historical reasons), 2 as horizontal toolbar, and 1 as explorer bar in the left.

Compatible view

A mode of Folder view. Compatible with Windows Vista and XP.

Default view

Original Folder view that is not added by QTTabBar. cf Extra view


Windows Shell program. Provides folder window, task bar, and other windows.

Explorer Bar

A kind of toolbar, which can be placed left and bottom of folder window.

Folder view

A part of the explorer window, which lists files and folders. Often mentioned simply as "View".

Tab bar

Toolbars that provides tab browsing. Tab bar can be placed as horizontal toolbar and explorer bar at the bottom.

Context menu pops up by right click, through which you can access to some functionalities including Options.

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