Options - General

Show Tool tips, Display more detailed tooltip

Controls tooltips on tab, menu, and command buttons.

Network timeout

When you try access to network resources with large latency, Explorer sometimes looks like freezing. QTTabBar checks whether the location is accessible in advance and shows "Searching..." dialog if no response after 3 seconds.

If you want to quit, press OK button of the dialog. This option enables to wait longer or shorter time before success. When "Retry access until timeout period elapses" options is checked, QTTabBar waits for the specified period of time even if system says "That network is unreachable!".

Language File

QTTabBar can be localized using a language file. Now numbers of language files are created and distributed by courtesy of contributors of the world.

If you can't find your language in the list, it's a good opportunity to make by yourself and distribute it.

Language File Editor is launched by pressing "Create language file...", which helps you translate texts and upload to the server. See this for more details.


Check "Prompt when updates are found" if you want to notified when update is found.

Managing settings

Exports / imports settings to / from xml file. To schedule export, see Misc.
You can restore default settings here.