Options - Compatible Folder View

What is Compatible Folder View?

Historically, the Folder View implementation changed in Windows 7.
Before 7 it has used ListView window class, one of common controls. The Compatible View set view mode compatible with old ListView used in those Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. What is important is that, since specifications are open, it allows further customizations.

No full-row select

In Details view, items can be clicked and selected only in the "Name" column.

Display column header always

Displays header in view styles other than Details.

Display watermarks for customized folders

Background watermark images that was seen in ol' Windows XP.
If you want to apply your original images, see this.

Fix column width of 'List' view style

Selected column bg color id Details

Set background color of a selected — sorted vertical column.

Custom colors in compatible view

You can change text and background color of items by specifying conditions such as path, view, etc.

Let's try it .

1) First, create a color definition.

If you specify a full path, it effects only the item.
By specifying a display name, all the files with the same name are effected.
Using extension it can effect file type.

Note that text box can be empty to match by conditions other than name.

Path C:\foo\bar
Name somefile.ext
Extension .txt
Regular expression /^foo.+\.bar/i
(i is optional, indicates "ignore case")

The followings are other conditions that can add to the definition.

Note that all unchecked in a condition section means "include all".
For example, if Odd and Even are both unchecked, it means that a condition Line must be ignored, hence result will be the same as when both checked.

Folder Includes folders
File Includes files
Drive Includes drives
Path The text can match a path string including name. This is used when text is a regular expression.
Name The text can match only in a name string. This is used when text is a regular expression.
You can specify view modes to apply the color.
This is effective only in Details view.
Folder window Change color when displayed in a Folder View of a folder window.
Desktop Change color when displayed in the desktop.
Sub Folder Menu Change color when displayed as a sub folder menu item.

2) Set background and text color you like.

3) Press "+" button to add to the list above.
4) Press "Apply" button of the window.

Note that upper items have priority over lower items in the list.