Options - Events

What is Event?

You can choose what happens when you click on tab, toolbar, folder icon, etc.

Assignable commands are prepared for each Event; some have "User command" option. If you assign a Command Item to it, hundreds of QTTabBar functionalities are available by a single action.

Interactive events

Events triggered by your action such as a click or pressing Enter key.

By combination of modifier keys — Ctrl, Shift, and Alt key — you can assign 23 commands to an event, if you can remember.

There're these event sources:

  • Tab and Tab Bar
  • Folder View
  • Navigation Pane
  • Address Bar
  • Command Button
  • Window and Taskbar
  • Group menu
  • Subfolder menu

Other events

Includes window and view events.

  • Navigation complete
  • Navigation failed
  • Window is opened
  • Window is about to be closed
  • Active Tab Changed