Options - Extra Views

Extra 2 Folder Views can be added to folder window.

Priority between bottom and left

This effects some commands that open a tab in Extra View.

Display Details pane

Displays Details pane on the bottom of th View (Windows7) / the right of the View (Windows8,10).

Display Folder band

Folder band is what is on the top of the View of Windows7.

Always restore tabs at startup

Preserves tabs when a folder window is closing and reopens them in next window.

Hide when all the tabs are closed

If not checked, empty window remains.

Open default tab

When no tabs to restore, opens default tab of specified folder.

Tab Bar

Specify location of tab bar of Extra View. "None" removes tab bar.

Address Bar

Specify location of breadcrumb address bar. "None" removes address bar.

Navigation buttons

Specify location of navigation buttons. Buttons are hidden when "None" or no tab bar.

Focus the other view by Tab key

Folder Views including Extra View take focus in turn by pressing Tab key.

Resize Extra Views automatically

Extra View size follows resizing of folder window.