Options - Folder View

Includes Folder View enhancements.

Go up one level by BS key

This is the behavior of Windows XP and earlier. Currently BS key works as "Go back".

Cursor loop

It is this: the last item gets selected in the folder view when you press Up or Left key while the first item is selected, vice versa.

Change selection by F2 when renaming files

Selection changes each time F2 key is pressed:

Horizontally scroll by Shift + Wheel

By the way, do you know Ctrl + Wheel changes icon size?

Scroll folder view / tree view without focusing

You can scroll view without a click on the window to give focus.

Display file name tooltip for incompletely displayed items in details view

Truncated file name is displayed fully by mouse hover in Details view.

Capture mouse X1/X2 buttons to go back/forward

Swap X1 and X2 button

Enhanced incremental search in view

In short, you can find items in the view by typing on the keyboard. The system original feature matches only initials; this can matches characters in the middle of file name.

And much more is achievable using a plug-in implementing IFilter interface. It would have dictionary data of some language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.) and produce words from key strokes.

QTTabBar Commands

Adds several commands to file and folder context menu.

More commands and editing feature might be added in the future.

Folder verbs

Option to remove verbs such as "Open in tab" from folder context menu.
These are used to capture windows.