Options - Group

What is Group?

This is a feature similar to bookmark of web browsers.
A group can contain multiple folders and it opens them at once.

Group item options

  • A group item have one or more folders as member.
  • You can open a group by keyboard shortcut.
  • If icon is not specified, the first item is used.
  • A group can have a color, used in menu and tab.

Close all tabs when group opened

Replaces tabs by opening group.

Prepend management commands to group menu
Prepend management commands to context menu of group menu

Adds management menus such as "Create group..." "Open in new window".

Show sub items in drop down menu

Expands member folders in sub menus.

Show sub folder menu for sub items

Expands expanded group member folders further, using Subfolder Menu.
Contents of member folders are accessible in drop down menus.

Group file

Group file is a file type that is registered by QTTabBar, which works as shortcut to QTTabBar Group(s).

It is just a text file encoded UTF-8, with group name in each line.
When you execute it, groups will be opened in a new folder window or captured by existing window depending on your settings.

Start up groups

Startup Group opens always when a new folder window opens.