Options - Misc.

Export settings periodically

Export xml file to specified location in intervals of specified day.


Give taskbar buttons to Option window and file hash window separately from Explorer windows.


Will highly accelerate Quizo's motivation.

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Requests & Bug Request

You can post request and bug report at Bug tracking service.
Use "guest", "guest2", "guest3" as ID and password.

Reset disabled error dialogs

Those dialogs with checkbox "Do not show me this dialog" will be displayed in next time.

Delete AutoComplete history

Delete autocomplete list used in filter box, file rename dialog, etc.


Rebuild icon cache

Delete IconCache.db file and refresh icons.

Clear folder window size, position and view settings

Try this when Folder View won't save view settings.

Save desktop icon positions
Restore desktop icon positions

Exports/imports an xml file.

Delete MRU

Clears Most Recently Used lists of Shell.

Run in the Start menu
Typed paths in the Address bar
Search suggestions
Recent Items in the Start menu
Recently opened programs in the Start menu

Copies without changing Date created of files and folders



Default target view if not specified

Specify which View is used by scripting codes.
This affects opening tabs, getting selections, and other scripting codes that interact with View.