Subfolder Menu

Details of Subfolder Menu


Subfolder Menu provides instant access to contents of folders through hierarchical menu, which pops up by one click on the Blue Square tip on folder icons.

Blue Square with arrow appears by mouse over.

Subfolder Menu pops up by a click on the Blue Square with arrow.

Drag & Drop

Subfolder Menu can be drop target. You can drop files to menu and its contents.
By dragging and hovering over folder icon, Subfolder Menu pops up after a wait.
Now you can drop and move or copy files to any subfolder under the folder.

Dragging a file over "parent folder", and dropped to its grandchild "descendant folder".

Menu items in Subfolder Menu can be drag source. You can even start dragging a file and drop to another folder in the menu.

Subfolder Menu On Tab

The menu is available by click on folder icon on Tab.
This is useful when you want to access to contents of inactive tabs.
In the case of tab, Ancestor Menu appears that shows ancestor folders toward the root — Desktop — by right-click.

Tab can show Subfolder Menu and Ancestor Menu.

While dragging and hovering over tab, these 2 menus pop up alternately at intervals of about a second. Both can be drop target.


  • By click on icons in Subfolder Menu, multiple items can be selected or dragged.
  • While menu is visible, keyboard shortcuts works for selected items. Common keys such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, even Delete, and user-assigned keys to copy file names, etc. are effective.
  • Media Preview is available on Subfolder Menu.
  • When using Compatible View, custom colorings are applied to items in Subfolder Menu.
  • Inline renaming, which starts by F2 key.