Folder View

Describes View and View customization


Folder View is the main part of folder window that lists files and folders in the current folder.
QTTabBar customizes and modifies the View to add more advanced functionalities.
Besides, 2 more extra folder views are for you.

Functionalities that are introduced by QTTabBar includes :

  • Media Preview of text, image, and movie files
  • Subfolder Menu to access subfolders instantly
  • Name tooltip
  • XP and Vista-compatible mode
  • Custom coloring
  • Custom watermarking
  • Cursor loop
  • F2 Renaming helper
  • etc.

Media Preview

QTTabBar displays Preview Window by mouse hover over media files: image, movie, sound, and text. For more details, see Media Preview

Subfolder Menu

Only one click is needed to access to contents of folders by Subfolder Menu. For more details, go to the page of Subfolder Menu.

Subfolder Menu pops up by click on the Blue Square with arrow.

Name Tooltip, or what reveals real name of a file with long long name that is displayed incompletely because of narrow column in Details view mode

Shows hidden file name by mouse hover in Details view.

A long name of a village in Wales.

Compatible View

QTTabBar can set Folder View compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Compatible View realizes these features :

Customize text and background colors in Folder View Each file item is customizable individually. "Set text and background color" command is available in context menu of files and folders.

Refer Option Window for more details.
Turn off Full-Row-Select In Details view, clickable area can be limited to the bounds of file name.
Custom watermarking

Background watermark images change on according to folder type ( General items, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos).

You can even specify your own image file.

Default View and Extra Views

Two extra Folder Views are available. One at the bottom, and one in the left of the Default View.

Extra Views

Basic features

  • Extra Views are also customized just as the Default View.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are provided that perform copy or move between Default and Extra Views.
  • Tabs can be captured in Extra Views.
  • Can be used without tabs.
  • Command Buttons can be set to work with Extra Views. See Associated view option.

How to activate / deactivate Extra Views

Extra Views are implemented as "Explorer bar". Activate in the same way as other QTTabBar toolbars.

(Windows 7) View - Explorer Bar in the Menu Bar. (figure. 1)
(Windows 8 and 10) Drop-down menu of 'Options' button in the Ribbon. (figure. 2)

You can do it also from context menu of other QTTabBar toolbars, Folder Band in Windows 7, and keyboard shorcuts.

How to resize Extra Views

Drag the edge of the bar and resize it.